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MCA #3, Friday Night

Alex Cabot's nerves had settled, from being in Fandom. She didn't fear knocks on her door any more. But when she saw the two faces on her doorstep -- Captain Cragen, her old coworker, and Agent Hammond, who had pulled her into the program -- her heart jumped straight into her throat.

"What happened?"

It was a long story, and she offered to make tea while they told it; Cragen had politely stepped in, instead. Maybe he had noticed how badly her hands were shaking.

Alex Cabot
"So this is what he looks like."

She was staring at a face. It was ... such a normal face. Someone's brother. Someone's son. If she had seen him here at Caritas, she wouldn't have blinked at him.

If she looked too long, she could see something around his eyes. Or maybe she wanted to see something around the eyes. It was easier if she could lie and say that he looked like a vicious killer. But ... he didn't. He looked like everyone else.

And he had shot her, just missing the heart, nearly causing her to bleed out on a sidewalk late at night. There was an ugly scar that would never go away. She had had her arm in a sling for months.

She had to close her eyes to shake off the memories.

"I would like nothing more than to see him pay for what he did to me," she said. "But it goes against every principle I have, as a lawyer, to try a man for a crime he didn't commit."

Captain Donald Cragen
"You understand, I didn't have a choice," Cragen said.

"I know you can't commit perjury," Alex reassured him. "We're going to have to tell the court that I'm still alive."

"I'm only sorry the bastard won't have to answer for what he did to you."

"Oh, he will," Alex said. "I want him charged with my attempted murder."

Agent Jack Hammond
Both men recoiled slightly. "You'd have to go back to testify," Hammond said. "That's stepping right into the crosshairs."

"For years, I convinced victims to face their attackers," Alex insisted. "Now it's time for me to step up."

"Your testimony won't help the case," Cragen reasoned. "You can't ID Connors as your shooter."

The hit had been a drive-by, ordered by a drug cartel. Only ballistics connected the recent killings to her (attempted) murder at all.

"And if I don't go back, the defense will issue a missing witness charge, and then you will lose your case," she explained. Trust her, she had been a prosecutor. It felt good to realize that particular part of herself wasn't as rusty as she feared.

"We've still got Connors on four charges of murder," Hammond said.

"Because an eight-year-old boy has the guts to testify," she snapped. "After being shot twice."

"Alex," Cragen said. "If you go back, they will try and kill you again."

No fancy reasoning here; just ... friend to friend. As blunt as he could make it.

Alex bit her lip. "I have lost my home," she said. New York. She missed it like a phantom limb. "My job." The law, which she was built for. The air that she breathed. "My friends." Olivia, who was more than that. Or had been, once. Who could say, now? "My mother died, and I couldn't go to the funeral." Or even say good-bye.

She took a long moment to compose herself. "I've been teaching classes here, and working pro bono legal aid. It's a good life. But it isn't mine. Liam Connors is not going to take my conscience, too."

The two men stared at one another for a long moment. Hammond was the one who spoke. "You would need to pack," he said. "Quickly."

"I can be ready as quickly as you need me," she said, rubbing at her eyes. "I pack light."

There was an uncomfortable silence; the kind that heralded bad news. "I don't think it works like that, Alex," Cragen offered.

"We don't reuse locations," Hammond said. "Witnesses could be followed. It isn't safe."

"You'd need to pack everything," Cragen said, gently. "And then we go."

"And when I come back ..." Alex said, trailing off.

"You won't be coming back here," Hammond confirmed.

Alex sat very still. But here ... here she had still been Alex Cabot. Anywhere else, she'd be forced into a new name. A new identity. She'd be pushed far away from even the small fragments of practicing law that she had dabbled in, here. There was certainly no way Olivia could sneak out for visits, or that Liz Donnelly could e-mail surreptitious paperwork.

It would cost her much more, this time. Was her conscience really worth all of that? It was like some kind of horrible test of character. Sadistic, even.

"How much time?" she asked.

"An hour," Hammond said. "Maybe two."

Not enough time for personal good-byes. Maybe notes. A phone call to a very different DC, to an ex-husband of sorts from another reality altogether.

She must have already made up her mind, then.

"Okay," she said. "I'll hurry."

(And that's it. Post 3 of 3, taken from 6x16, Ghost, modified for new circumstances. This is the last of Alex Cabot. Feel free to mod a brief note if you feel your character is someone who would have received one. Thanks, everyone, she's been wonderful to play. This one's okay for broadcast, but NFI, and once again, OOC is love. And again, thanks to N for the help.)
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