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NYPD, Special Victims' Precinct - Late Night, NYC Time - Friday Midday FandomTime - NFB

Captain Donald Cragen was looking over the arrest papers, and everything seemed to be in order. He'd stayed late to go over them himself. He'd really have preferred to get the bastard on the original charge, but somehow, nailing him for Alex's murder was even sweeter. And now maybe they had time to backdoor the rest of the charges in.

He didn't hear the footfalls in his doorway until the other man spoke.

Agent Hammond
"What the hell are you people doing?"

Captain Cragen
"Agent Hammond," Cragen said, easily, as he turned. "Most people knock first."

Hammond was too busy seething to reply. "You should have called me before your detectives arrested Liam Connors for the murder of Alex Cabot."

What was this, territorial pissing? "Connors blew up one of your agents," he reminded Hammond. "I didn't expect flowers, but I thought you'd be pleased."

"Connors goes to trial, I'm called to testify, what am I supposed to do?" Hammond demanded.

"Do your job."

"That's exactly what I'm gonna do," Hammond said. "I just came to tell you that you're on your own. I'm not gonna ruin my career by committing perjury. Do we understand each other, Captain?"

That was the exact moment that Cragen got it. The reason they had been talking at such strange cross-purposes. It was so simple.

"She's alive," he gaped. "You sonovabitch. You stashed Alex in witness protection."

They'd held a funeral, for God's sake. The whole department had mourned.

It was the FBI agent's turn to stare in shock.

"You didn't know," he said.

No wonder this conversation had been such an unholy clusterfuck.

But Hammond thought he would know? The FBI didn't tolerate leaks around Witness Protection. So why ...

Oh. That one was so much easier.

Captain Donald Cragen
Benson and Stabler were in deep shit, and they both knew it. He hoped they weren't going to insult his intelligence by playing innocent. He slammed the door shut and stared at both of them, wondering what in God's name ...

Benson, at least, had the dignity to look guilty. Stabler folded his arms and just looked impatient.

The interrogation room was soundproof. It also set the proper tone for the tongue-lashing that they were about to endure.

"How the hell did you think you were gonna get away with this?"

His tone was soft. That wasn't a good sign, and they both ought to know it.

Elliot Stabler
"Captain," Stabler started, but Cragen wasn't done yet.

"Forget your not mentioning that Alex Cabot's alive," he snapped -- and yes, he was bitter about that. They had all worked together for years now. Nice display of trust to their superior, and it wasn't as though he might have wanted to know.

Olivia Benson
"Captain, we couldn't," Benson pleaded, getting to her feet.

"You signed an affadavit charging Liam Connors with her murder," he said. In case Olivia had forgotten that tidbit.

"Staying dead is her only protection!"

"You perjured yourselves!" he said. "It's a Class E Felony!"

"We didn't know Novak was going to force us to arrest him!" Stabler insisted, sauntering forward to join his partner. "Now, the only way to refuse would be to tell her in open court that Cabot's alive!"

"I know why you did it," Cragen said firmly. "But you can't send somebody away for a crime they didn't commit."

"Connors kills for a living," Benson said. "We're in a position to stop him. Now that's justice."

"So the ends justify the means." He was beating his head against a wall, here.

"You're gonna shed tears over him?" Stabler asked. "We did what we had to do."

The hell of it was, he understood it. But they were so busy trying to protect Alex that they'd royally fucked up, and they wouldn't even admit it.

"What you did," he said, "was put your jobs and pensions on the line. You've jeopardized every pending case you have and every conviction you've ever gotten. That's what you did."

Defense attorneys had multiple orgasms over cops with perjury convictions. This was amateur hour and they knew better.

"Now do you think Alex Cabot would want you to do that in her name?"

The shamed silence he was met with proved his point.

Finally, Benson spoke. "So what are you gonna do?"

"I wish to hell I knew."

(Post 2 of 3 of Alex leaving. 3 will be up shortly. Again, many thanks to N for helping with icons/coding, and again, ripped off from 6x16, Ghost. NFI, NFB, OOC is love.)
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