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The Third Floor of MCA, Saturday, 9-10-11 never forget

Alexandra Cabot, Assistant District Attorney for the Island of Fandom, was busy. She had a phone to her ear and was talking non-stop while she sorted through the stack of briefs in her arms.

"Do it now," Alex snapped. "I don't care how much it costs. You can't put a price on justice."

She jabbed at the elevator call button, impatiently. She didn't have time to walk down to the first floor! She lived on the third, and she was in a hurry! These papers weren't going to file themselves.

"I'll file an injunction as soon as I get word from the judge," Alex said, rolling her eyes. "We're wasting time we don't have. Hang up and do it."

She ended the call and began dialing another number; no answer. What sort of idiot didn't even set up their voice mail?

Just then, the doors opened. Without missing a beat, Alex stepped through the doors, already punching the next number into her cell phone.

There was a scream, and then a thud, as Alex Cabot plunged to her untimely demise down an open elevator shaft.

Rest in Peace, Alexandra Cabot.

(this was entirely willbethenight's suggestion by way of annieadderall's inspiration. I just happened to have a townie I wasn't doing anything with. CRY, YOU BASTARDS! CRY!)
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