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Outside Where MCA #3 Used To Be, Thursday Evening

Alex wasn't sure why she'd bothered to come back to the apartment complex. It wasn't like she expected it to have magically come back while she was out, today.

Alex pulled out her phone and was trying to decide who to call. Someone who could come and fix this, whatever the hell it was, and get her apartment back, or give her a new, temporary one that hadn't vanished into ... wherever her apartment had vanished.

And just as she was dialing a number, she heard a low rumble, and felt the earth twist slightly.

"Oh, sh--"

Pop! And where Alex Cabot had been, now there was only an empty hallway.

(Establishy like whoa. I am gonna be AFK all weekend, dammit, so my peeps will be dealt with accordingly!)
Tags: alex hates fandom, stuck in a void
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