ADA Alex Cabot (glasses_justice) wrote,
ADA Alex Cabot

GPCD HQ, July 27th, Midday (NFB-distance)

Alex was nervous, but trying her best not to let that show. Trials always gave her a thrill of excitement, but also a small pang of stage fright, just before the beginning. And this one was going to be especially nerve-wracking. She'd participated in murder trials before, but never as the defense. It meant looking at everything from a perspective that was shifted by ninety degrees. At least being a prosecutor meant you knew exactly what the prosecutor would be thinking.

The only cure for pre-trial nerves was preparation. Going over the details, then going over them again. Being sure you had everything you needed to know, and had it down cold. Dotting the Is, crossing the Ts, and making sure there weren't any sharp edges you might cut yourself on.

"Okay," Alex said, finishing the latest scrawl on one of many legal pads she had burned her way through. "That's all I need, for now."

At least, on that subject. There were more. There were always more.

She drummed the pen lightly on the table, wondering if this was the right time. It shouldn't wait much longer.

"We should start thinking about whether or not you're going to testify."

(just for the girl in Gotham! NFB-distance)
Tags: back in the courtroom, gotham city, hayley, legal maneuverings
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