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Super 8 Bridal Suite, Saturday Morning, Hangovers and Regret (NFB)

Alex Cabot had her tongue stuck to the roof of her mouth, had a severely expensive engagement ring on her finger, and had a hangover. The very special kind of hangover that came from drinking $2.99 bottles of "Champain" in a Super 8 hot tub, frantically celebrating your nuptials with as much sex as you could drunkenly manage.

Alex .... not Cabot. Alex Gibbs-Cabot. Because they'd gone to a county clerk and gotten the license, and the wedding had been, while insane and very poorly conceived, entirely legal.

"Conceived" was a bad word to be thinking of, as it reminded her that most of the sex had been designed to get her pregnant. With triplets.

"This isn't happening," she groaned, pulling the covers over her head so she didn't have to face her husband just yet.

How hard were annulments to obtain, in the commonwealth of Virginia?

(famous_gut modded with permission, and the post is just for him! NFB-distance.)
Tags: alex hates fandom, alex hearts cops, alexandra gibbs-cabot needs an annulment, gibbs, this will not end well, virginia beach
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