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Virginia Beach, Friday Night - Very Bad Ideas, Inc.

Today! Today was magical! Alexandra's beloved Jethro had taken her out to the park, by the duck pond, and dropped to one knee before holding out an insanely expensive exquisite diamond ring and asked if she would be his, for now and forever.

"Yes, my darling, yes!" she had cried, delighted to become the next Mrs. Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Alexandra Gibbs? Alexandra Cabot-Gibbs? Decisions, decisions!

As neither of them were patient, why wait? Decisions made on the spur of the moment were hardly ever something one would regret.

Which was why Jethro and Alexandra were quite happily standing on the beach -- Virginia Beach, for that matter. They'd reached the County Clerk's office before it closed, and in Virginia, there was no waiting period once you'd received a marriage license. Alexandra had a dress and she had the man of her dreams by her side. Today was perfect.

"Dearly beloved," the officiant intoned solemnly. "We are gathered here today ..."

(OOC: Hell froze over, so I don't need to ask famous_gut's permission to mod! I just forced his character to propose to mine! MUAHAHAHAH!

... just kidding! This was his cracky idea, not mine. NFB for distance, and for the other half of the soon-to-be-newlyweds-and-shortly-after-that-probably-annulled.)
Tags: alex hates fandom, alex hearts cops, alexandra gibbs-cabot needs an annulment, gibbs, this will not end well, virginia beach
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